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We offer access to a Premium Plex Shared Library, which contains a massive library of Movies, TV’s show, Anime and Kids TV both new and old. Additionally we have a large selection of 4K Movies and TV Shows for those with a good Broadband Connection and a Compatible Device.

This can be added to your Plex app using a login pin which will be displayed when you go to logon to the Plex app. We use the pin to link your plex app to our server which will give you full access to our extensive library.

You will be asked to change the Display / Friendly Name of your Plex app, once you’ve been connected to our Library. You can change this in Settings in the Plex App.

Access to our Premium Library will be automatically removed once your subscription ends if you don’t renew.

  • Over 21,000 Movies
  • Over 1600 4K Movies
  • Over 7000 TV Shows
  • Over 300 4K TV Shows
  • Over 700 Anime Shows
  • Over 900 Kids TV Shows

What is Plex
Plex is a free TV streaming service that offers Live TV, On-Demand Movies and TV Shows and can be used to organise and play your own library of content from a Plex Media Server.

See for more information on Plex

Device Activation & Plex Pass
Some devices require a one time activation purchase to unlock Playback Restrictions on that device. Alternatively you could purchase a Plex Pass which will allow you to activate the Plex app on all compatible devices that require activation.

More information on the Plex Pass can be found at

Free Plex Premium Android Mobile App
We have made available a Free Plex Premium app that unlocks playback restrictions for Android Phones and Tablets. This is for those without a Plex Pass or don’t want to pay to activate the Plex app on those devices. We will provide the link to download the app following your subscription purchase.

How Many Devices can you use
You can install Plex and access our Premium Library on a single device using a login pin.

If you need to play on multiple devices, then you would need to purchase a second Premier Library subscription.

Continue Watching Section
Due to customers accessing our Shared Plex Library, the Continue Watching section will contain content from all customers of the service, rather than just your own.

Downloading Library Content
Unfortunately downloading content from our Premium Library is not possible due to increased demand on the servers to provide this feature.


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