How to:

Clear App Cache or App Data on Amazon Fire Devices

What is App Cache?

App Cache is used to store data regularly used by an app to launch it quickly and run smoothly. If the cache becomes too large or corrupt, it can affect the performance or functionality of the app. Clearing it usually fixes any issues and would not normally clear your logon details or app configuration.

What is App Data?

App Data contains the app configuration, including logon details, user settings etc. Clearing an application Data, usually also improves the app performance but also clears its configuration, reverting the app back to factory defaults. As such, you would need to re-enter your account details at first launch. It is recommended to just clear the Cache in the first instance.

Clear Application Cache or Data?

Follow the steps below to clear the cache or data of an app (PureTV Deluxe, LTQ etc) on your Amazon TV or Firestick device.


From the home screen, navigate to: Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications


Select the App from the list (PureTVQ, PureTV Deluxe, PureTVX etc)


Click Clear cache or Clear data


Re-launch the application

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